Gebrüder Schaffrath
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variants of jewellery

everlasting diamonds in everlasting design

True classics are timeless. Just like the Schaffrath Classics collection. It is designed to outlive all seasonal trends and fashion movements so you will enjoy your diamond jewellery not only when you have purchased it, but also in the years and decades to come.

the power of perfect harmony

The Schaffrath Classics collection reflects the power of perfect beauty through perfect harmony. With its elegant design, its soft contouring, its sophisticated materials and its exquisite stones, each piece of the collection is understood to be a treasure of eternal beauty that can be passed down through generations and will remain contemporary in any era.

discover the model variety of classics

Take a closer look and feel the power of eternal beauty in every piece of the Schaffrath Classics collection. Find your favourite design and fall in love – eternally.

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