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Variants of Jewellery
Variants of Jewellery
Liberte Principle
Liberte Principle
variants of jewellery
the “Liberté® Principle“

the first freemoving diamond of the world

SCHAFFRATH has set the diamond free. For the first time ever, a diamond manufacturer has succeeded in inserting a completely free and mobile diamond into a piece of jewellery. A brand-new revolutionary setting system – the LIBERTÉ® Principle by SCHAFFRATH – has made this groundbreaking progression possible.

a sparkling fire of freedom

The unique LIBERTÉ® mount facilitates exposure to light from constantly changing positions and this is how it can show off the diamond‘s maximum sparkle in a completely new dimension - 360° free movement! Upon the slightest motion by the wearer of the LIBERTÉ® jewellery piece, the diamond‘s position changes, catches the light in a new way with its many facets, and casts it back brilliantly to the viewer.


discover the model variety of liberté®

Take a closer look and be fascinated by the beauty of the SCHAFFRATH LIBERTÉ® collection. Find your favourite piece of the collection and fall in love with the brilliant facets of its everlasting fire.


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