Diamond expertise spanning generations

A diamond for life. Part of your personality. To enjoy for eternity.

Buying a diamond is never just a valuable acquisition or lucrative investment. A diamond is always also a legacy. A piece of history. A dream. A metaphor. A statement. It showcases the great emotions, desires and achievements in our life: love, passion, beauty, power, status, fulfilment, immortality.

Whatever your ideas, needs, goals or wishes regarding your diamond, SCHAFFRATH will find the right stone for you.


Confidence, responsibility and commitment: for us it’s a matter of honour

Diamond trading is one of the world’s oldest and most traditional industries. Our business relationships have evolved over generations – so we have every confidence in them. We have a well-established code of honour. Our word is binding. Contracts are still sealed with a handshake.

Nevertheless, we always pay great attention to the origin of our diamonds and carefully screen all our sources. In accordance with the 2003 Kimberley Process, we are committed to only sourcing precious metals and gemstones from regions that are free of political conflict and via environmentally responsible means.



Your stone under our loupe


Wherever in the world you buy a SCHAFFRATH diamond, you can be absolutely sure of one thing: it will be the best stone you can get for your money. For almost 100 years, we have been passing down our diamond expertise, our experience, and last but not least, our passion for the beauty of this stone, from one generation to the next. Every day, we use our professional eye and expertise to evaluate any stone that deserves to bear the name SCHAFFRATH. Since 1923, we have been guaranteeing every SCHAFFRATH diamond with our reliable grading and certificates from independent gemological testing institutes, such as GIA*, AGS** or HRD***.

* Gemolocical Institute of America. / ** American Gem Society. / *** HRD, Antwerp.


A customised diamond We focus on your requirements


Christian Schaffrath and Stephan Paschalis from Taché Deutschland are two proven, experienced diamond dealers who fortunately are directly on site. Thanks to our trusted, decades-long partnerships with Antwerp, they are able to offer our jewellers – and therefore you – stones from the entire range of diamonds available on the world market: in every size, colour, shape and price bracket.

Ask your jeweller for a SCHAFFRATH diamond. We would also be happy to put together a selection tailored to your desired criteria to present to your jeweller, or to provide in-store advice together with them. And, of course, upon request we can also design a piece of jewellery for the diamond of your choice, customised to your requirements.