A ring for people who want everything and can have it all.


Everything, just no compromises! The ring L1062 from the LIBERTÉ® series by SCHAFFRATH is solid and delicate at the same time; elegant, yet immediately catches the eye. Perfect for people who want everything – and can have it all. Small sparkling diamonds frame the L1062 ring. The ring is made of solid white, yellow or rose gold and crowned with a diamond whose inner fire is hard to beat. The ample proportions and delicate elements blend smoothly into one other, harmonising despite the apparent differences. And, thanks to the meticulous work during its development, wearing this opulent piece of jewellery feels-pleasantly light and effortless. »We have dared to do something different with this model, moving away from the otherwise rather purist LIBERTÉ® line, we’ve become more ‘jewellery’«, explains design director and SCHAFFRATH CEO Alexander Leuz. The second managing director and diamond expert Christian Schaffrath concurs: »This ring is an absolute stunner from every angle.«




the liberté® principle


Dazzling brilliance is one of the LIBERTÉ® line’s key features. With this jewellery collection, SCHAFFRATH gave the diamond its freedom in the early 2000s – setting the stage for unequalled brilliance. Rather than confining the gemstone by means of a prong or bezel setting in the conventional way, the gemstone nestles in a hollow on the top of the circular band with the tip pointing downwards.A fine arch stretches over the diamond, or it is alternatively kept in position by two side elements. This allows the diamond constant movement, giving an illusion of floating. A patented feat developed by SCHAFFRATH and only accomplished by goldsmiths specially trained in this artisan craft. LIBERTÉ® – the perfect diamond setting for unequalled brilliance.