ParadoxalAlways a statement


A Paradoxal is an everlasting Classic. A piece of jewellery that never goes out of fashion… like the little black one.

PARADOXAL RING 48100 (10 ct Brillant or center stone)

The Paradoxal is truly a glamorous piece of jewellery that blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy. A dream of a ring, fascinating and irritatingly beautiful at the same time, which captivates every observer becaus one believes to see what actually cannot be: The whole ring seems to be held together only by diamonds. A dazzling work of art, almost too good to be true.

PureMagic and Sensuality

The Paradoxal has a distinctly feminine look and soft curves with an oval centre stone and round brilliant-cut diamonds on the shoulder. The reduced setting and the correspondingly higher proportion of gold underline the warm, sensual overall impression. Here with nine brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 5.46 carats on the ring shoulder in rose gold, 50 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 1.35 carats in the side setting and a centre stone of 5.01 carats in delicate cinnamon shades.

The Paradoxal looks strikingly different on a leather strap. The exciting contrast of material and style mix is a guaranteed eye-catcher.

The gently curved earrings complete the look or add sparkling accents on their own.

Expressivein every form

Even without a central centre stone, the Paradoxal is as fascinating and radiant as ever. Its unique design concept of being held together virtually only by diamonds comes completely into focus here and turns it into a glamorous and magnificent memoire ring that can also be worn as a necklace.

A Paradoxal is a lifelong companion and a complementary piece of your personality. Singular in expression and of exceptional value. An absolute one-of-a-kind, unique in the world.

Paradoxalunique diversity

Just as every woman has her own mind and style and her personal preferences in terms of colours, shapes and materials, the design of a Paradoxal ring is just as different and independent. Whether with radiant white diamonds, extravagant fantasy stones or stones in natural shades of brown, whether with gently graduated colour harmonies or with lively colour contrasts, whether in white, rose or yellow gold, whether narrow or voluminously cut, whether with cut-out or without - it is your taste that decides.


A time consumingprocess

Once all the relevant data for the individual configuration of the ring has been collected, entered into the computer and calculated, a detailed 3D model is created, which can be used to digitally set the ring. Stone by stone, the best possible position and exact location of each diamond is now determined and the Paradoxal is architecturally constructed. This highly precise process takes a lot of time and can easily take two full days:

What follows is pure craftsmanship. After the 3D-plotted template, a blank is cast in gold for the production. With fine saws and ever finer files and sandpaper, the blank is brought into shape and its surface mechanically finished. Here, too, a high degree of concentration and precision craftsmanship is required to avoid deforming the valuable piece of jewellery by applying too much pressure or removing too much of the precious surface. This is followed by a multi-stage pre-polishing, which elicits the gold's first shine. Then comes what is probably the trickiest and most difficult part of all the production steps, which makes or breaks the final result: the setter positions and fixes the diamonds on the setting. We have an enormously experienced and skilled specialist at hand who can achieve the almost impossible. Under the microscope and in days of highly concentrated precision work, each stone is set and securely set by him with the help of a hammer, a punch and special tools specially designed for setting the Paradoxal. Sometimes individual elements have to be reworked, fine-tuned or even exchanged, because only the eye of a trained connoisseur notices the tiniest differences in shape or colour that need to be corrected. And then, after a good 100 hours of work and many small breaks in concentration, it is done: the Paradoxal shines in its full splendour and unique beauty. The engraving of the SCHAFFRATH signet and the serial number are the final touches to the manufacturing process.

After further cleaning and fine polishing with a final quality check, the unique piece can finally be handed over to its owner.


Each piece of jewellery in this exclusive edition is a custom-made one-of-a-kind and a masterpiece of high jewellery art. Created with the highest artistic dedication and brought to perfection in many meticulously planned individual steps and absolute precision craftsmanship. Made in Germany.