SCHAFFRATH – The manufactory



the maufactory

Multifaceted craftsmanship, made in Germany

At Schaffrath, original craftsmanship in all its facets meets exquisite materials and unique design ideas. It is this interaction of passion, dedication, creativity, intuition, innovative thinking and an obsession with perfection that creates unparalleled items of jewellery. Made for people with the highest quality and design standards – and those with a keen sense for their jewellery’s spirit.



Building on the past to shape the future. Schaffrath produces innovative design creations of premium quality.






At SCHAFFRATH, it is people, not machines, who breath life and soul into every stone and every piece of precious metal.







Artists, experts and perfectionists: at Schaffrath, diamond experts, goldsmiths, polishers and setters work hand-in-hand.