As a company, we see ourselves as cultured, thinking differently and acting courageously. This is how we achieve authenticity in our brand and products. Passion is our prerequisite for peak performance and growth.

Driven by our mission to become one of the leading premium niche brands for unique diamond jewelry, we are motivated by the idea of constantly reinventing diamond jewelry and bringing it to life.

SCHAFFRATH, as a family business, is committed to values such as reliability, dynamism, a goal oriented approach, empathy and sustainability.
These shared values have created a corporate culture that shapes our collaboration and interaction. It allows us to develop to our full potential - for the benefit of our employees and partners as well as for the company, the environment and society. Our corporate culture is the foundation for long-term success and building sustainable relationships.



Despite all the innovative spirit, there are no high-tech machines at SCHAFFRATH, but people behind every single masterpiece: creative minds with a deep passion for detail create unmistakable designs. In-house diamond experts acquire precious stones of the highest quality directly from the stock exchange in Antwerp. Goldsmiths, polishers, and setters meticulously craft the jewelry pieces by hand.


Professional expertise

At SCHAFFRATH, you can rely on many years of experience and expertise in the world of jewelry and goldsmithing. Since our establishment, we have been dedicated to combining excellent craftsmanship with innovative design to create unique jewelry of the highest quality. Our goldsmiths and designers are experts in their field and have mastered the art of jewelry making down to the smallest detail.



Master goldsmith

"I am proud to be part of such a renowned manufacture. Here we have the opportunity to live out our passion for the fine art of jewelry making every day. With craftsmanship precision and creative inspiration, we transform precious materials into unique masterpieces that delight our customers. It is a pleasure to be part of this talented team, enriching our customers' individual stories with our handcrafted jewelry. At SCHAFFRATH, quality and customer satisfaction are top priorities, and we do everything we can to achieve the highest standards. I am excited to do my part to ensure our customers receive an unforgettable piece of jewelry that will stay with them for a lifetime."





Sales director

"Maintaining personal contact with our valued partners and customers is my greatest pleasure as Sales Manager at SCHAFFRATH. I firmly believe that successful relationships are based on trust, openness and mutual respect. With passion and dedication, we strive to understand the individual needs and desires of our customers and offer them customized solutions. The opportunity to learn about our customers' unique stories and visions inspires me every day. With our high-quality jewelry and exceptional service, we strive to not only meet expectations, but exceed them. I am proud to be part of the SCHAFFRATH team that is wholeheartedly committed to providing every customer with an unforgettable experience and excellent support."





Fine polisher

"As a fine polisher at SCHAFFRATH, I experience the fun and joy of my work every day. Together with our talented team, we refine each piece of jewelry to perfection. It is fascinating to see how our meticulous craftsmanship brings out the luster and beauty of the jewelry. We work closely together, exchanging our expertise and supporting each other to achieve the best possible results. The team spirit and positive atmosphere at SCHAFFRATH are unique. I am proud to be part of this dynamic team and to create jewelry with my colleagues that makes our customers shine."






"I am captivated by the inspiring spirit at SCHAFFRATH. Here, I have witnessed firsthand that the leaders are not only visionaries but also actively involved and willing to get their hands dirty. This dedicated and down-to-earth attitude has impressed me and shown that teamwork and unity are not just empty words at SCHAFFRATH. The atmosphere is one of respect, openness and a warm community where you immediately feel welcome. I am grateful to be part of this unique SCHAFFRATH family, where everyone fulfills their tasks with enthusiasm and team spirit. It's great to see how we achieve our goals together. SCHAFFRATH is more than just a company - it is a true family where the culture of collaboration and craftsmanship thrives."






"I grew up at SCHAFFRATH, and I completed my apprenticeship here. I still remember my early years and how everything was new to me back then. I started out as an office administrator, but at SCHAFFRATH I've become a real multi-talent with completely unexpected areas of expertise. I feel respected, recognized and supported. I work with joy at SCHAFFRATH and am excited to not only witness but also contribute to the company's development. I could not imagine a better employer. I face future challenges with calmness, knowing the flexibility of our company."







At SCHAFFRATH, everyone takes pride in being part of our unique community. The cohesion and enthusiasm we share is what drives our success. We strive for excellence, innovation and creative thinking to delight our customers with exceptional jewelry. The Spirit at SCHAFFRATH is not just a slogan, but a lived promise that motivates us every day to achieve the highest standards. Together, we create magical moments and shape the world of jewelry.