our environmental responsibility

At SCHAFFRATH, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously and actively advocate for eco-friendly practices. We remain steadfast in our commitment to a environmentally sustainable future and take pride in our contribution to preserving our environment.


Co2 reduction

An important aspect of our environmental responsibility is reducing our CO2 emissions. We continuously strive to minimize our greenhouse gas emissions, for example by switching to energy-efficient lighting systems and optimizing transport routes. We ensure that all consumables are produced in a climate-neutral manner. Furthermore, all the papers we use are FSC certified, reflecting our commitment to sustainable practices.


Water consumption

We are actively committed to minimizing our water consumption. We have implemented measures to optimize water usage in our production processes and treat wastewater to ensure its environmentally responsible discharge.



We place special emphasis on the responsible handling of chemicals and potentially hazardous substances. We aim to replace them with less harmful alternatives whenever possible. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that the materials and chemicals used meet the highest standards of safety and environmental compatibility. We are committed to minimizing harmful impacts on the environment and health, and we continuously seek opportunities to make our processes even more environmentally friendly.



At SCHAFFRATH, we are devoted to reducing our overall environmental impact. For this reason, we carefully monitor the waste generated by our operations. Our approach is based on the principle of "Reduce - Reuse - Recover" to ensure sustainable waste management.

The gold we process is 99% recycled, eliminating the need for mining the precious metal under challenging conditions.