our responsibility as a company

Fair, respectful, and tolerant in our interactions with one another. Always open in communication between management and employees. Flat in hierarchies. Transparent in decision-making processes. Appreciative towards everyone we encounter.

Our integration strategy at SCHAFFRATH is aimed at ensuring that all employees are treated equally and feel valued and respected. We firmly believe that this is a crucial factor in unlocking the full potential of our workforce.

Diversity plays a central role for us. We create a work environment where people from different backgrounds, experiences, and abilities come together and can give their best. We promote a culture of inclusion and mutual respect, where every voice is heard and valued. We take pride in creating a work environment based on mutual openness, community, and fairness. Each individual is an important part of our team, and we highly value ensuring that everyone at SCHAFFRATH feels valued and respected.

Our responsibility does not end with our company. We are committed to ensuring that our suppliers and partners share the same high standards and values. We promote open communication and collaboration to ensure that our entire value chain follows the same commitments to sustainability and ethics. These guidelines are summarized in our code of conduct for employees and suppliers.

code of conduct

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